Adventures of the Fellowship of the University of Adventuring School of Technology College


Or, "The Wall of Doom"

When last we left our heroes, they had just slain an iridescent slime. After looting the family heirlooms of the Keegan family, they move out to find Kalarel. Spotting a door to the east, they move through it. They enter an antechamber. Mumbling something about Half-life load screens, Kiera opens the door on the far side. The party gazes out into a long hall with 30 foot pits on either side. There’s an inscription on the wall at the far end. Davan goes to investigate. As he approaches, the door behind everyone slams sealed and Davan reads the engraving. “This is a trap.” As he does, the wall at the far end starts sliding towards the heroes and the base starts glowing purple. And ancient face appears in the stone and its glowing yellow eyes fire a blast at Davan. He picks himself off the floor, smoke rising from his armor as a purple beam blasts past him towards the rest of the party. It hits Thun-Thun, but Kiera, Blandington, and Dire dodge.

Davan runs at the wall and swings at it with his warhammer. Kiera moves to the side, away from the beam and fires arrows at the face in the stone. Blandington, Thun-Thun, and Dire all swarm towards the wall. Davan misses. Davan misses a wall, with a warhammer.

Dire hits it with Eyes of Vestige, and Kiera shoots it again. It inches closer, and a purple beam shoots across the edges of the room, not down the center. The wall pushes Davan back and shoots a bolt of magic energy at Thun-Thun. Davan rises from the floor and misses again. Blandington bashes it with his magic sword, and Dire hits it with Eyes of Vestige. Thun-Thun uses his daily and misses, but does some damage anyway. The floor starts to shimmer as the stone under Kiera is covered with a viscous foam, gripping her feet and hurting her. The wall starts glowing pink all along the base.

Kiera runs out of the poop and shoots the wall, then prepares her rope and grappling hook. Davan smashes the wall again and Dire crits it with Eldritch blast. Suddenly pink light bursts from the base and pushes everyone back, into the viscous floor. The wall and the floor coating both creep closer to the center. Kiera tries to throw her grappling hook into a crack in the wall, but misses. She Splits the Tree and slams the wall hard, dealing a ton of damage.

The wall starts glowing pink again, and shoots a blast at Blandington. He goes down and has to touch himself. Davan takes over tanking for a bit. Two skeletons fall from the ceiling and attack. Kiera shoots one and dodges past, then Davan pushes the other one into the pit. Blandington demolishes the other skeleton, lamenting that he already has a “skeleton head.”

Thun-Thun points out that they’re called skulls. The wall is now only five feet from the start of the ooze. There isn’t much time left. Blandington prays to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon and attacks the wall with the last of his strength. It shudders to a halt, the magical light fading. “Praise the Plat Drag!”

The group rests and recovers as the ooze drains into the ravines. Kiera passes her rope to Davan and climbs down both, finding gold and some power gloves for Davan. Now he can push twice as hard.

The door at the entrance slides open, and the adventurers stumble out blinking in the torchlight. Only one path remains. Kiera slips between the double doors and sees a courtyard full of statues and a door leading to what must surely be Kalarel’s throne. As she waves the rest of the group into the room, the large statue of a Titan in the center begins to creak and shudder. Davan quickly jumps onto its back and smashes it in the face with his hammer. Kiera looks east and sees statues of dragons. Thinking of the silver dragon statue in her pack, she runs to it and looks for a place to fit the smaller dragon into, some mechanism or slot. Deciding that it must be activated by prayer, and being agnostic, she yells to Blandington to come pray to the Plat Drag while holding the statues. Thun-Thun performs a majestic leap onto the Titan, winking at Kiera as he does. She rolls her eyes. Blandington runs over and starts praying. As he does, the large dragon statue does a breath attack, pushing him back and into the ground. Kiera nopes out of there, shooting the dragon as she goes. Davan bludgeons the Titan as Dire hits it with Eldritch Blast.
Kiera shoots the Titan and it crumbles to bits as Davan and Thun-Thun are thrown off. Thun-Thun runs over to the dragon statue and attacks, but then its breath pushes him into the range of the other dragon statue. He gets pushed back again, landing on his rump next to Dire. Blandington tries to 1v1 the first dragon statue again, while Thun-Thun decides to attack one of the little cherub statues guarding the entrance to the throne room. As soon as his axe hits the little baby in the head, a magical forcefield flickers into life, trapping him in the alcove. A fountain starts spraying out of the vases of the four cherubim, and the alcove begins to fill with water. Blandington gets double teamed by the dragons again, and Dire says he should help Thun-Thun, leave the dragon statues to the party members with ranged attacks. Nodding, Blandington pushes his way through the forcefield and starts bashing one of the cherubs. The water continues to rise.

Dire shoots an Eldritch Blast at one of the cherubs from just outside the forcefield. Kiera keeps firing at the dragon statue. The water rises and starts to swirl around and around, smashing Blandington and Thun-Thun against the walls. Thun-Thun is smart enough not to activate his lightning axe or lightning breath, and instead just swings at a cherub. Blandington destroys the northwestern cherub, but he’s down to 5 health. Davan dives into the trap and thinks about holding Blandington, fighting the swirling water. Deciding it’s more effective to disable the trap, he smashes at the corner cherub before getting swept into the flow of the torrent. Thun-Thun charges with the water, smashing into the southwest cherub. Dire shoots another roiling burst of thunder.

Kiera, seeing the situation is looking grim, destroys the first dragon statue then shifts her focus and starts firing at the cherubim as well. Blandington swings back around and slams into the northeast statue. With a mighty kick, he knocks its head from its shoulders. The water stops flowing and the force shield flickers out. The heroes are washed out into the courtyard, coughing and retching. Kiera shoots the last dragon statue to bits as Thun-Thun gets his revenge on the remaining two cherubim (which are now harmless)

In the rubble of the Titan, the group discovers a +1 Rod of Corruption, which Dire takes happily. The party sets up camp and prepares for a nice, long rest before facing the horror of Kalarel.

What will our heroes face beyond the door? What dark, twisted beasts serve the corrupted soul of Kalarel the dark? Can the party stand firm in the bonds of friendship and trust, or will the whispering voices of souls long departed sow dissent and suspicion? Can our heroes rid the land of the dark taint of the Cult of Orkus? Find out next week, on DragonCast!!! THUN-THUN-THUN!!!



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