Adventures of the Fellowship of the University of Adventuring School of Technology College

Anathema to Storyboarding

Or, "Hello slime, are you bad?"

After vanquishing their foes and taking a quick nap, the PCs continue scouring the dungeon for Kalerel. They move south, and Kiera fails to notice a portcullis dropping from the ceiling, blocking the way forward. Thun-Thun, Blandington, and Davan pull the bars apart. Kiera slips through the gap and enters a large room with two doors, some crates in the corner, and a table in the center. Suddenly, hobgoblins burst through the doorways and surround her, crowding the hallway.
Kiera Nightlock slides through the crowd, moving to the back of the party and scores a crit on a soldier taking out more than half his health and giving him a bad case of creeping necrosis.
Blandington tries to strike at a foe, but the hallway is so cramped that he hits Zanvard. A hobgoblin hits Davan, and Thun-Thun Indian Skips to get into melee range. He hits a minion and activates the special charge on his axe. Chain lightning arcs out, destroying all the remaining minions. Kiera ignites her bow and fires at the Hobgoblin Warchief. He is lit on fire and poisoned while dealing with a grievous wound.

Blandington touches Zanvard, and then tries to attack the soldier but he dodges. Zanvard summons the power of Healing Word and eases Davan’s burden. Davan, freshly rejuvenated, employs his Sweeping Blow, hitting the weakest soldier and killing it. It was about to die of necrotic poisoning in a second, but whatevs.

Thun-Thun hits one of the remaining soldiers, Kiera bloodies him, and Zanvard finishes him off. He was about to die of Kiera’s poison as well. Davan smashes into the warchief, but he’s still standing. Thun-Thun hits him too, and the Warchief manages to put out the flames. Kiera sights down her bow, and releases a shaft into his eye. He collapses, and Blandington whines that he already has a hobgoblin head on his shield. Kiera sighs heavily and shoots the last soldier.
The adventurers find some gold, but this hallway is a dead end. They go back to the room with a pit and head south down the larger hallway, then take a right and go west. They come upon some doors that say “Closed” and then beneath that in French the same thing only no one knows French. Kiera tries to ‘speak friend and enter’ in elvish, and Zanvard tries in Dwarvish. Kiera tries to pick the lock. Thun-Thun tries to push it open. Nothing seems to work. They knock, and the sound echoes down the hallway but there’s no response. Finally Blandington tries to kick it down. Being a pretty boy, it doesn’t work. Thun-Thun yells “I don’t want to use my head!” as Davan and Blandington use him as a battering ram and smash the door off its hinges. The door opens to reveal a hallway with passages leading left and right. The floor is suspiciously clean. Davan throws a throwing hammer at the far wall, but it doesn’t trigger any traps. He goes to pick it up, and the group follows. Kiera spots a translucent slime in an alcove on the left. Blandington walks up to it and tries to initiate conversation. He says “Hello slime, are you bad?” It swallows him, coating him in acid and dazing him. Thun-Thun gets around to the side and cuts it. The slime moves and swallows Davan, then slams them both into the ground. Their armor keeps them safe. Kiera quickly backs down the hallway, shooting as she goes. Thun-Thun slices it again, and it’s bloodied. Zombie corpses burst from sarcophagi down the other hall and start running at Kiera. Zanvard really hates undead, so he moves to attack the zombies, hitting them with his radiant powers. Davan uses his second wind, trying to handle the huge amount of acid. The slime moves and swallows Thun-Thun, then slams him and Blandington into the ground. Kiera shoots a zombie and backs off, she doesn’t like them getting so close. They flank Zanvard, and throw necrotic waste at him. He’s weakened. He moves backward trying to get away from the zombies, and the slime swallows him too. Kiera hits the slime hard and fades away. Davan dailies and crits, for tons of damage, killing the slime. Wiping off the slime, he kills one of the zombies and Thun-Thun takes out the last one. The PCs examine the room down the hall and discover money in the zombie sarcophagi and the clothing of Tristan and Ceinwein Keegan. They take a Safewing amulet, which reduces falling damage and increases defenses. Thun-Thun loops it around his neck, while Kiera takes a golden medallion and Davan takes a silver bangle.

Will the group suffer an ill fate from touching the Keegan family mementos? Where could Kalerel be hiding? Will Blandington ever get the slime out of his hair? Find out next week, on DragonCast! THUN-THUN-THUN!!!!



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