Adventures of the Fellowship of the University of Adventuring School of Technology College

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Alchemy is overrated
Or, Kiera really doesn't know how to flirt

Moon Moon, Thun-Thun, Dire, Sir Blandington, Zanvard Goldbludeon, and Kiera Nightlock were walking down the King’s Road looking for their lost school teacher, Douven Stahl when a pack of kobold brigands came upon them from the rocks lining the pathway. The members of the University of Adventuring Technology put up a good fight and managed to take down the pack of kobolds. They looted some javelins from the bodies, and marched onward to the town of Winterhaven. After Dire made contact with Ellion the Old, he told the group that their teacher had been interested in investigating an old dragon burial site to the southwest of town. The group went to a bar named Wraften’s Inn and started up a conversation with an eccentric old man (Valthrun the Prescient) who claimed to be an alchemist. He agreed to try to turn their javelins into gold, but made a hot mess instead. Because he felt so bad, he let the group spend the night in his tower. Before heading to bed, the group went back to Wraften’s Inn and spoke with the mayor, Lord Padraig. Moon Moon wasn’t very impressed by his snooty personality and took it upon himself to cut his coinpurse, making off with 15 gp. Zanvard commissioned a warhammer from the local smithy, and Kiera attempted to flirt with the barmaid, who turned out to be Salvana Wrafton, the owner of the establishment. It went poorly. The group went to bed, Kiera hanging from the ceiling in a hammock since the old alchemist sleepwalks.

What are these strange tales of dragons? Is there a dastardly plot afoot? Who is the enemy behind the attack on the road, and what will he do next?

Find out next week, when the group encounters a strange new party member! Thun Thun THUN!

Three Crits Does NOT a Turkey Make

After waking up at the crack of dawn, unmolested by the tower’s owner Valthrun the Prescient, our heroes tie up a couple loose ends from the day before. Zanvard picks up his nice shiny warhammer from the blacksmith, while Kiera enlists the charming Sir Blandington in her attempt to smooth things over with Winterhaven’s innkeep, Salvana Wrafton. After Kiera’s heartfelt apology, Salvana warms to the group, informing them of the town’s kobold problem. After waking up Lord Padraig in the middle of “writing morning decrees”, the group accepts Padraig’s offer to slay the nuisances, hit them where they live, and bring back their heads. This happened to be a cave behind a waterfall to the southeast of the King’s Road, according to Padraig’s hastily drawn map in the style of a child, obscure directions written on the back such as “Turn right at the beehive” and “If you see dire bears, you’ve gone too far”.

Back on the King’s Road, a great pack of kobolds plots revenge against the group that slayed their brethren the day before, and the outnumbered heroes seem at a loss, until a pair of adventurers happen across the fight from the other side of the King’s Road. These two adventurers were Eladrin wizard Galstaff, Sorcerer of Light, and Dwarf fighter Davan Ogrecrush, two former students of Douven Stahl, also following clues to the whereabouts of their old headmaster. The combined strength of the UAT graduates overwhelms the kobold force, and after a brief introduction, they all agree to team up and rid the land of the kobold menace, putting off Douven’s rescue to the next day.

As the group creeps up on the waterfall so crudely depicted by Padraig’s map, the two Elves sneak up and take the kobold sentries unawares, but a lone bloody slinger slinks back into the cave to warn of intruders. Inside, the fellowship finds a horde of kobold minions, along with 7 more elite kobolds and a goblin leading them named Irontooth. After a few close calls, and a rally at the end of the fight, the adventurers slay Irontooth, and bask in the warm glow of a ton of treasure.

Who gets the two sets of magic dwarven chainmail? Who is on kobold-head-severing duty? Who gets to drag more than 50 kobold heads back to Winterhaven to present to Lord Padraig? Will Douven die of old age before our heroes attempt to find him? And who will actually remember to use their action points in battle? Find out next week!

The legend of Cuddles begins.
or How to tie a crit-knot

After destroying the kobold lair, Kiera Nightlock and Galstaff left the party behind to pursue a lead from Kiera’s past. The brave adventurers returned without their companions to Winterhaven to present Lord Padraig with Sir Blandington‘s shield of kobold heads. Upon seeing their gruesome tokens of victory Lord Padraig awarded the adventurers with gold for their efforts. Meanwhile, the rest of adventurer’s sought out Valthrun the Prescient for information on the wyrm priest’s amulet. He informed the adventurers of a dangerous keep guarding a rift to Shadowfell and a potential new threat from there before running off to warn Padraig. Having seen the group’s power Padraig and Valthrun ask the group to eliminate the group of death cultists located in Shadowfell Keep. At first the adventurers said no, but with the promise of more gold the group prepared to set off to find Douven Stahl, so that they then may free WinterHaven from the grasp of the cult unimpeded.

With purses now heavy with the mayor’s gold, the party heads to the market to find Dire some fine clothes. At the market the group stumble upon Totes C. Hammer, a dwarven shaman, and Cuddles, his spirit bear. Totes C. Hammer joined the group seeking more money to feed his belligerent wife.

The group now with Totes and Cuddles set forth from Winterhaven towards the dragon burial site in hopes of finding Douven Stahl. Upon arriving the Adventurers notice an excavation team of humans lead by a gnome named Agrid digging in the area. Sir Blandington and Zanvard Goldbludgeon went forward to speak with the gnome foreman. Zanvard sensing something amiss warned the party and pressed the him for more information. Cracking under the pressure of Sir Blandington’s head-shield the uneasy gnome ordered his men to attack the adventurers. While the adventurers fought off the guard drakes, Agrid began to stealthily slip away. After dispatching the guard drakes THUN-THUN used his grappling hook to pull down a half-ling from the cliff side. While the adventurers were savagely beating the half-ling, Agrid turned invisible and snuck away. After defeating his minions the group set out to find the Agrid himself, but before he could fully escape Zanvard spotted and grabbed him. Moon Moon then rushed over to help and with an amazing display of knot tying Moon-Moon tied the legendary crit-knot capturing the gnome.

After searching the camp the adventures found their mentor Douven Stahl. With Douven now released the group began to interrogate the gnome. They soon learned that Douven’s captors were working for the death cult that they had recently found out about. Further interrogation revealed the location of an ancient mirror, supposedly used to bind shut the rift to Shadowfell during the time of the old empire. Sir Blandington then executed Agrid in the name of justice. Now having rescued Douven Stahl the adventurers turned their eyes towards the ominous keep.

Will Kiera and Galstaf return? Will Sir Blandington run out of room on his shield of heads? Will Moon-Moon master the crit-Knot? Tune in next week to find out!

No one tosses a dwarf!
Or Galstaff lays down on the job

Kiera and Galstaff rejoin the party and are awed to hear about the rift to Shadowfell. After a quick trip to market to buy some mats, the party sets out to the keep. Upon entering the torchlit dungeon, the group is set upon by goblin troops. They quickly take cover and begin bringing down the enemy. Davnan examines the pit in the center of the room as he runs past, announcing that it is dark feet deep.

Shaking his head at such a terrible perception check, Cuddles promptly announces that it’s a 10 foot drop into a swarm of rats. Galstaff is rapidly knocked unconscious by the goblin crossbowmen because he was standing in the open like an idiot. After some nice heals from Zanvard Goldbludgeon, he decides it might be safer on the ground.

Davnan and Totes’ spirit bear Cuddles make excellent use of some environmental hazards to throw a few goblins into the pit all aflame from being tossed over a brazier. (brasserie?)
Meanwhile, Dire and Blandington attempt to doubleteam a skirmisher, only to have Dire miss and hit Blandington in the back not once but TWICE. Then he lit some barrels on fire. They were filled with puppies. Basically, Dire is the devil.

Finally Kiera manages to double crit the skirmisher and pulls a nice ricochet shot into the pit to bloody the rat swarm. Cuddles and Galstaff both try to finish them off, with Cuddles emerging victorious. Galstaff finally stands up.

The group explores the keep a little further in search of that final bit of XP, when Kiera spots 3 secret doors. The group walks away with a little gold and 2 goat skeletons. Unfortunately their skulls wouldn’t fit on Blandington’s shield.

Choosing a different hallway, the party emerges onto a room full of catwalks and goblin snipers, while guardian drakes wait below. Totes makes excellent use of his daily to give everyone (almost anyway) some regen, and Blandington does what tanks do by running right into the middle of the battle. Dire promptly misses and hits him again.

Cuddles takes out a guardian drake while Zanvard Goldbludgeon tries to make up for Dire’s team-killing ways.
Having had just about enough of this noise, Davnan performs a heroic leap across Moon-Moon and Thun-Thun’s shoulders onto an outcrop to throw a sniper to the ground. They swiftly cut him to pieces, and he jumps again using THUN-THUN as a springboard to cross the cavern and throw down the last sniper.
Performing an excellent flip and a backhand slash, he leaps from above and beheads it.

Trying to keep humans and Eladrin from looking bad, Blandington and Galstaff take out the remaining drakes earning enough XP for the party to hit level 2. With gold purses jingling merrily with fresh gp and new powers fresh in their minds, the group debates sleeping here for the night.

Will Kiera ever manage to actually hit anything? Will Galstaff ever be brave enough to stand up during combat again? Will Blandington have to invest in an anti-ally chestplate? What mysteries await our heroes in the darkened halls of Shadowfell keep? Find out next week, on Dragoncast! THUN-THUN-THUN!

From now on, we just kill our prisoners.
Or, Totes needs more pets

Our intrepid adventurers, flush with the thrill of victory, decide to press onward after leveling up. Kiera Nightlock takes a look up the stairs, and sees a Fat Goblin (Balgrun the Fat) sleeping at the top of the stairs. She also senses a goblin warrior behind a heavy curtain. She quickly runs up the steps, pegs him with a nice shot to the face, and slips behind the curtain. Awake and angry now, Balgrun is still too slow to warn the Goblin Warrior. Unprepared for the wall of fury that is Sir Blandington, he is barely saved by his armor. Blagrun is swiftly backed into a corner by THUN-THUN and Cuddles the spirit bear. He attempts to flee, but is knocked out by an arrow from Kiera.

Dire puts his new familiar, (insert name here), to good use by pulling an Intimidate check on Balgrun to make him talk. He reveals some treasure in a locked desk, and a pass phrase to enter the 2nd level. “And life fails in the dark.” Ominous. This Kalerel must be kind of a big deal.

Balgrun offers to convince the goblins in the next room that the adventurers are friendlies. With some misgivings, the group decides to give it a shot. Balgrun knocks politely on the door to a room full of gobbos, and then swiftly ducks inside screaming and starts ringing a bell.
Totes feels justified about his previous commentary about rolling for “Mount Unwilling Creature.”

Kiera slips the wall and gets the attention of two goblin warriors while Davnan steps into the room to lay some hurt on the traitorous spy. Totes backs him up while Blandington enjoys having a whole other swarm of minions all to himself. Dire manages to pull off some awesome Psychic damage without hitting Blandington in the back.

Both goblin warriors take a swing at Kiera, who decides that it’s time to get the hell out of dodge. She slides between their blades and jumps onto a table, shooting all the way. THUN-THUN steps in to draw the heat off of her. Zanvard pops some heals and gives Thun-Thun a leg up on one of the warriors.

Davnan and totes manage to clear out their room until Balgrun is the only one left. Angry over his betrayal, Totes picks him up and slams him into the wall. Davnan brings down his warhammer and ends his scheming ways.

The party regroups and decides to head downstairs before trying to use the new passphrase. They emerge into a cavern full of giant rats and a crimson ooze. Kiera rolls nice initiative and takes out a few rats, but then swiftly gets surrounded and climbs the steps again. Cuddles pops out of the ether to lay down some hurt, while Davnan swings right and takes on three rats of his own.
Totes pulls out his daily and manages to take out 4 rats and give Kiera regen all at the same time. Davnan loses some rats in the stalagmites while the Ooze slowly creeps closer.

Blandington is feeling kinda useless at this point, and decides to make his move on the Ooze. Zanvard follows for support. Kiera steps out from behind cover and fires arrow after arrow, adding to Blandington’s damage and splitting the Ooze into two! Thun-Thun gets behind it to flank and deliver the killing blow, but as he does a rat falls from the ceiling and attacks. Davnan also tastes the rats’ revenge.
Blandington steps up and one-shots the other Ooze while Thun-Thun tears the giant rat off his head and stamps the life out of the sneaky devil.

Kiera actually uses her longsword for the first time ever and knocks the last rat unconscious, then helps Totes tame it. Welcome to the party, Carebear the giant rat.
After pocketing all the nice gold and XP, the group starts divvying up the phat loot. Kiera also finds a secret door filled with some rations and treasure and ale, which Davnan promptly downs.
Thun-Thun fills his flask with Ooze juice and Kiera soaks a bit of a rotting bedroll in it to make fire arrows. The group decides it might be a good time to bed down for the night, and they huddle together behind the secret door trusting in Kiera to wake them should enemies approach.

Will the PCs be able to sleep undisturbed throughout the long night? Will Totes C Hammer teach Carebear to do backflips? Will the brave explorers ever find the evil lurking at the heart of Shadowfell Keep? Find out next week, on DragonCast. THUN-THUN-THUN!!!

A dark Moon-Moon falls
Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.

The party settles down to sleep in the secret room, and while they’re snoring Carebear the giant rat eats Totes C Hammer and Moon Moon, then slips away into the night. When the group awakens, they discover the desiccated remains of their fallen allies.
The PCs hold a truncated funeral to mourn their glorious dead, and forge on determined to live up to the memory of the fallen rogue and shaman.

Kiera Nightlock hears skittering down the hallway, and sneaks down it to come upon a pit. Staring down into the murky depths, she sees a Kruthik atop a crumbling flagstone. There must be a nest ahead, and more traps like this might be around.
Davnan offers to hold the rope while Kiera climbs down to examine the corpse. She notices that a goblin has actually been crushed by the Kruthik corpse, and raids a chest he was carrying to discover several Amethysts. When she climbs back out, a fledgling Kruthik pokes its head out from a fissure in the cave wall and tries to bite her.

Kiera points out a pit a few feet away cleverly concealed by a loose flagstone, and warns the others not to fall in. The group hears movement around the corner, and Sir Blandington runs ahead to investigate. Kiera is too impatient to let the paladin scout ahead, so she runs past him and glances around the corner.
Spotting several Kruthik hatchlings three young, and an adult, she promptly steps back around the corner and decides to let the tank go first from now on.

The rest of the group rushes to catch up while the adult poisons Kiera and bloodies her severely. She slides through the crowded hallway like a snake as the warriors Sir Blandington, THUN-THUN , and Davnan loom large to block the enemy vanguard.

Sir Blandington focuses on one of the young while Davnan prepares a wild strategy. Grabbing his ooze juice wineskin and thun-thun’s torch, the dwarf lets loose a howl of fury and pain as he ignites the nearest Kruthik forces.

Thun-Thun goes for a nasty attack on one of the young, but sadly misses and takes some damage from their thrashing tails.

Some of the Kruthik hatchlings sneak through the tunnel system and double team Zanvard Goldbludgeon. Kiera takes some potshots at them, but can only take out one due to her severely weakened state. Zanvard summons his faith and decimates the little lizard with a bolt of divine light, then rushes forward and soothes Kiera’s lacerations.

Blandington sanctions most of the young and hatchlings, but the hallway is too crowded for them to get to him and take some damage for snapping at Davnan. Thun-Thun decimates the last remaining young while Blandington and Zanvard double-team the adult. With a mighty swing of his hammer, Blanginton has a new head for his shield.

Davnan crushes the last of the young and the party rolls giddily in the pile of slimy phat lootz.
Their coin purses jingling merrily, the adventurers head back out into the large cavern and examine a large, moss-covered door with the inscription “Stay out, really.”

Kiera is about to knock politely when Davnan Ogrescrush kicks the door down, bellowing and brandishing his mighty hammer. His shout fades as the oppressive gloom of the cavern settles around the heroes. The party looks down upon a murky pool glowing with a strange, flickering light. The depth of the water is unknown, but something here seems…sinister.
In the center of the room is a small island, covered in bones and glinting with the light of coins.

Thun-Thun, sensing danger, looses a bolt of lightning breath, electrifying the water. Kiera swims across to the island, causing a blue Slime to trash and appear on the surface of the depths. Davnan, Thun-Thun, and Kiera are suddenly overwhelmed by fumes and stumble around, dazed.

Kiera swims away, then pegs it with a few fire arrows. The creature’s cry of rage gives the warriors new strength as Davnan strikes it with his hammer. Blandington rushes down the stairs and delivers a mighty blow while Thun-Thun tries to shake it off.

Davnan the klutz tries to jump over the slime back to shore, but stumbles on Thun-Thun’s shoulders and falls to the ground.
Blandington keeps its attention while Kiera sidles up the stairs to get some fresher air and pegs it a few more times with shafts of flame.

Thun-Thun, exerting his mighty strength, grabs Davnan and shot-puts him right over the slime. Davnan makes the most of it, striking blow after blow all over the vulnerable flesh of the cerulean beast. With a final shudder, the beast burst into the air and screams “Durka Durka Mohammad Jihad” and explodes, leaving the PCs covered in goop but otherwise unharmed.

The heroes examine the remains on the island. Shield of Protection Get! They also find a message cylinder from Chief Krand of the Blood Reavers. It holds a map to Shadowfell keep from the Thunderspire, a set of instructions for throwing a ‘nodule’ if the chances of striking a deal with Kalarel should prove… contra-indicated, and lastly a letter to Kalarel offering to buy slaves from him.

Who is this “Chief Krand?” Will the group attempt to free Thunderspire from the oppression of slavery? What is this strange ‘nodule’ spoken of in the note? Find out next week, on Dragoncast! THUN-THUN-THUN!

We serve the mighty Plat Drag
Or, 'There's a little inner city in all of us.'

When last we left our heroes, they were wiping fresh slime off their blades in a dank underground cavern. Having had just about enough of mold and ooze, they head back to the main entrance and go southwest down a hallway. Kiera Nightlock scouts ahead and reports some Terror Runes carved into the floor in the room beyond, as well as some zombies in an alcove on the left.
The PCs stealthily slip into formation around the entrance, and leap out to rain down holy terror on the undead. Kiera picks off two minions, Zanvard takes out another. Thun-Thun rushes in and smites two in the skull. Blandington jumps forward and takes on the two zombie warriors at the end of the hall. Dire quickly takes out the last minion while Thun-Thun moves to guard Blandington’s flank. In 10 seconds, all the minions are dead and the remaining two zombies are feeling the heat.

Suddenly screams echo down the hall, approaching the embattled foes. The zomowgli reinforcements are approaching from behind the heroes. Davan moves down the hall to block their approach. Kiera swings out behind the corner and snipes at one of the zombie warriors. Zanvard moves into cover behind Davan, but the group has forgotten that Terror Runes don’t affect the undead. A warrior gets the drop on Zanvard but Davan shifted him out of the way, and Zanvard used his holy powers to smite the undead. He had some terrible childhood trauma that makes him extremely effective against them.

Blandington and Thun-Thun finish off the warriors in the alcove and join the mob, taking out several minions. Kiera steps back and snipes the warrior sneaking up on Zanvard, and Dire deafens another. With one enemy remaining, Davan delivers a killing blow. Blandington adds a zombie head to his shield, now known as Abattoir.

The adventurers catch their breath while pondering how to get around the Terror Runes.
Kiera decides to jump them and scout the room to the north. She leaps nimbly over the snares and glances around. She sees a strange shimmering emanating from the east wall and hears moaning coming from behind it. She calls Dire over to investigate the magic. He trips and triggers the rune, getting hurt and fleeing from the manifestation of his worst nightmares. The cloying stench of the necrotic aura spreads across the hall, reaching Kiera and making her run into another rune. The bone-chilling scream playing through the mind of Davan makes him back up to a wall, until his nerve breaks and he runs. His fleeing feet cross a third rune, blasting Zanvard, Blandington, and Thun-Thun with waves of mind numbing fright. This Rube Goldberg of Terror drives the whole group back to the alcove, whimpering and wounded.

After deciding never to let Dire jump across traps again, they have him examine the shimmering door. He looks at it carefully, sniffs it, then admits that it’s a shimmering door.

Shrugging, Davan ties a rope around his waist, tosses it to Blandington, and steps through.
He is surprised to find himself in the armory, surrounded by 4 zambie warriors. He tugs on the rope and rebounds back into the hall. He looks at the group and says “There is zombies.” and that’s all it takes. The tanks charge back in, swinging as they go. Zanvard actually hurts something with his Astral Seal, dealing major damage to the second zombie warrior.
Thun-Thun releases a blast of lightning breath in the close quarters, hitting everything in sight — including Blandington. It takes out 2 zombies and leaves Blandington pissed off. He takes out his anger on the last warrior and bellows with rage.

Anxious to loot the room, Dire steps forward. A plaque on the wall starts vibrating and a voice echoes through the ancient halls of Shadowfell keep. It says “A wondrous treasure,
Valued by all, sought by many.
Found in both victory and defeat,
Yet never at the bottom of a treasure chest.
It marches before you like a herald,
And lives long after you are gone.
Of what do I speak?”

After a quick debate, Blandington responds “Honor.” The worthless junk on the walls magically transforms into shiny, magical, armor and an axe appears beneath the plaque. Having solved the riddle and convinced the ancient guardian that they weren’t thieves, the group divvies up the spoils. Thun-Thun happily wields a new Lighting Axe, and then promptly forgets to include the modifier in his damage rolls. Thun-Thun also gets some Cursed Forged Chain Armor. Dire dons some Flaming Cloth Armor and Kiera grabs up some Sylvan Leather Armor.

Seeing that the stairs to the north lead down quite a long ways, the adventurers head back south to the alcove where they first encountered the undead.
As they move into the room, Kiera hears a skittering sound from the room beyond. She steps forward to investigate and suddenly 12 skellingtons burst forth out of sarcophagi and swarm. Keira takes on five skeletal archers, and manages to dodge most of the shafts, getting away with two bolts in her arm. Blandington is set upon by 7 skeletal archers and swordsmen. He laughs as their weak blows skitter off Abattoir. Davan mutters something about disturbing the Draugr and rushes forward, crushing two archers to dust and facing off against one of the swordsmen.
Keira backs off and takes out the two archers who wounded her, while Zanvard moves in to make good use of his radiant powers. (Bane of Zanvard – You have my permission to die!) As he does, two more skeletons burst from the sarcophagi and flank him. He is rescued by Dire and Davan.

Kiera dances through the battle, placing a shaft into the eye socket of an undead warrior and flipping over a sarcophagus to get deeper into the crypt. As she does, another skeleton creeps from his crypt and gets the drop on her. She reacts swiftly, taking the cut to her arm in stride and running down the hall to get some distance between her and the reanimated corpse. She notices that to her left and right are two large altars in the form of a silver dragon, but she can’t read the inscription. She calls out to Zanvard to see if his priestly knowledge could help, and he consults his vast stores of ecclesiastical study to determine that these are altars to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon.

Muttering under her breath that she knew that, she shoots two more minions skeletons and goes to crouch by one of the altars. Thun-Thun deals a mighty blow on a skeleton swordsman, and he crumbles into sparking pieces as the new lightning axe brings the pain. (Double the pleasure, double the Thun-Thun) Blandington calls on the blessing of his deity to lay waste to the undead in his path. He calmly adds a skull to Abattoir.

The party joins Kiera in examining the altars. Thun-Thun, being dragonborn, can read the ancient Draconic text and says the inscription reads: ""The Platinum Dragon is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer. He is my stronghold, my refuge , and my armor against the foes of life—I need only kneel and offer him my praise"

Zanvard and Blandington, vassals of Bahamut, kneel and offer praise to his mighty platinuminess. As they do, two more skeletons burst screeching from the hall and run towards the heroes. As the cleric and paladin worship, they dissolve into dust in a burst of holy light.

Kiera sighs and says “Elves are agnostic. Also, there’s a secret chamber behind the altars.”
They look in the secret chamber and discover 6 silver dragon statues. Zanvard says they look like they go with a different altar, somewhere not here.

Kiera opens the door at the end of the hall, and the group sees a coffin with a carving of a warrior clasping a blade in repose. While the party is trying to tell what it is, Kiera kicks the lid off and suddenly the heavy coffin lid explodes in a flurry of dust. A humanoid skeleton girded in plate armor rises from the coffin. Its breast-plate is emblazoned with a stylized dragon’s head, and the skeleton holds aloft a longsword. “The rift must never be re-opened!” it croaks. “State your intentions, or prepare to die!”

Zanvard and Blandington appeal to the soul of Sir Keegan, stating that they are servants of the platinum dragon and that they are here to seal the rift and stop the servants of Orcus. They aren’t very convincing, but thankfully Dire is intimidating enough (Dire Dire robes on fire) and Kiera is perceptive enough to calm him down until Blandington uses his charisma to state that he’s a servant of the ‘Plat Drag’ and he throws the secret sign of the servants of Bahamut.

With this sign of his faith, Keegan is convinced and is willing to answer the group’s questions.
He also grants the use of his blade Aecris to Blandington, Baron of Grayscale. This longsword is inlaid with platinum. It has a line of three white diamonds set into the flat of its blade and a pommel carved to resemble the head of a noble dragon.

Kiera forages for food, using her highly trained sense of nature she closes her eyes and fires an arrow at the wall. It dissolves and the party finds several flanks of wall meat. Delicious. Keegan offers them a safe haven and they rest here. After a wonderful nap, they prepare to set forth once again.

Excited to try out Blandington’s new shiny, the group goes back to the hallway with the goat skeletons and sneaks up to the ancient prison. Kiera eases the door open and sees several goblin sharpshooters and a goblin torturer hanging out inside. With a surprise dual arrow to the face, the goblins are alerted to the presence of our heroes.

The torturer moves forward and rewards Dire for standing directly in front of the doorway. Zanvard moves to cover him and lowers the torturer’s defenses. Kiera takes advantage of his weakness while Blandington charges into the melee.

The sharpshooters take some potshots at Kiera, and she decides to slip into the room and fire some devastating shots at the snipers. Davan gleefully slips in behind Blandington and grapples a goblin into the Iron Maiden, then slams the door. Tide of Iron – the preferred detergent of Dwarves everywhere.

Seeing the terrible fate of his ally, the torturer activates his Blood Cut Hide Armor, resisting 10 damage. Thun-Thun pulls his daily and deals an amazing 37 damage, 10 of which are absorbed by the armor. Keira tries to take out the sharpshooters and misses twice. She hangs her head in shame and walks down the hallway, discovering a goblin in one of the cells. He offers useful information if the group releases him, but says that they need to finish killing his guards first.

The torturer tries to bullrush Blandington into the Iron Maiden, but he misses and grapples the goblin that just escaped, and shoves him back in! Realizing what he has done, he slams the door in frustration. Blood seeps out of the ominous device as the torturer flees to the protection of the sharpshooters. His damage resistance wears off, and Davan tries to shove him into the fire pit. He gets pushed to the edge but manages to hang on.
Thun-Thun rushes across the room and creams the sharpshooters, then Davan gives the torturer a shove.

With a scream of terror and the smell of roasting flesh, Blandington happily plucks his head from the fire and adds it to Abattoir. He then proclaims “Let us get us some lootz. Some Plat Lootz.”

What will the heroes do with the goblin in the jail cell? What is the purpose of the silver dragon statues? What will they face in the depths below? Find out next week, on Dragoncast! THUN-THUN-THUN!!!

A Sorceress Scorned
Or, Rumble in the Graveyard

When last we left our heroes, they had just cleared the goblin prison and discovered the goblin Splug in a cell. Dire walks up to the bars and intimidates Splug into revealing that knowing the passphrase is only part of the requirements to get down to the second level. The heroes all will need an amulet of Orkus. Which they sold. In Winterhaven. Splug also reveals that Kalarel’s liason for Winterhaven is Ninaran and she was supposed to stop the heroes from getting to the cult.
Sir Blandington the generic pushes that the party kills Splug saying that “It’s not cold blood, it’s premeditated self-defense!” However, after much debate and a strong insight check from Zanvard Goldbludgeon, Splug is released from the cell and goes to hide out in the cave system where the party first encountered Irontooth.

The PCs decide to go back to Winterhaven to try to buy back the amulet of Orkus, but when they arrive they discover that the gate is barred and the village looks ravaged. Lord Padraig informs the adventurers that Winterhaven is on lockdown due a great peril. Villagers have been disappearing, and undead have been sighted south of town. The PCs agree to help in exchange for some gold and the amulets they sold to the merchant.

The group approaches the graveyard where the undead originated, softly creeping between the mausoleums. The group spots a dim blue-green glow coming from a strange circle on the ground. Dire thinks back on all his arcane studies, but can’t identify the magic. Davan Ogrescrush displays gonads of osmium by walking straight into the circle of doom. Nothing happens, so the rest of the group approaches. Suddenly, 4 Graveyard Hounds and ~ 8 Skeletal Archers burst from the ground throughout the graveyard as an elf appears from behind a tree. It’s Ninaran and she taunts Kiera, saying she expected better from royalty. It turns out that Ninaran was the one who arranged for Kiera’s sister Arielle to be kidnapped a few days ago. Then Ninaran fires an arrow and hits Kiera in the leg. The fight is on!

THUN-THUN takes some necrotic damage from a Zombdog bite, but manages to strike it on the muzzle and make it let go. Zanvard uses Sacred Flame on the beast and heals Kiera Nightlock. Kiera shoots one of the hounds, then hides in the large mausoleum to keep Ninaran’s focus. Sir Blandington, Baron of Grayscale charges the group of Skeletons to the south, and crits one and then sanctions about half of them. They fire back, raining down a hailstorm of arrows. Most bounce off his armor, but he takes one hit. Davan attacks a Zombdog, but misses. He does manage to mark two of them though.
Dire does 12 damage to the 2nd dog. It tries to bite Thun-Thun again, and he gets some more necrotic damage. Thun-Thun is down to 5 HP. Another Graveyard Hound misses and bites his buddy. Graveyard Hounds 1 and 2 are bloodied now. Zanvard gives some major heals to Thun-Thun. Then he attacks Zomdog 3 with Sacred Flame and does 23 damage. Not a typo.
Kiera does 9 damage on hound 1. Blandington destroys a minion, then the 6 surrounding him attack. Two of them hit, dealing 8 damage total. 4 skelton archers attack Davan and miss. Dire pulls his daily on Graveyard Hound #1 and kills it dead. Dead again? Extra dead? He returned it to its eternal sleep.

Ninaran is a racist prick. She taunts Kiera and shoots at Davan. She barely misses.
Thun-Thun reacts to an attack and cuts a hound trying to get around him. Kiera crawls through a hole in the mausoleum and tries to hit a hound. She misses completely.
Blandington takes out another minions, the rest completely miss. Davan uses Covering Attack of Zomdog 3, and gets Zanvard shifted away from a dangerous flank.
Ninarin has a major bone to pick with Kiera, hits her for another 14 damage. Thun-Thun kills dog 2 and a skeletal archer. Zanvard kills a minion and stops the spread of the necrosis across Davan’s face. Blandington swipes at Ninaran, but she dodges.
Davan hits the last Graveyard Hound. It staggers a bit but is k. Ninaran uses her daily on Blandington, her flaming bow deals 23 damage. Zanvard uses Beacon of Hope, weakening Ninaran and a couple minions and the last hound. Kiera tries to shoot Ninaran, but misses again. Blandington does an impression of a pincushion as the minions all attack and miss. Another minion hits Thun-Thun. Dire kills the last Graveyard Hound. Ninaran deals another 11 damage to Blandington. Thun-Thun uses his encounter to kill 3 minions. Kiera misses. Again. Blandington hits Ninaran for 8 damage. Then he touches himself.

The skeletons surround Thun-Thun and deal another 8. He’s down to 5 again. Davan uses his daily on Ninaran. Dire misses trying to hit Ninaran. Thun-Thun uses Dragon’s Breath, then uses and AP to give a +12 temp HP to everyone except Kiera. Zanvard blesses the party, +1 to attack rolls and then tries Astral Seal. Kiera FINALLY hits Ninaran, bringing her down by 11. She’s finally bloodied. Thun-Thun attacks the minion Zanvard Astral Sealed, gaining the HP and killing it. Kiera deals the killing blow to Ninaran.

Blandington takes a strong stand against grave robbing. Go figure. Kiera runs around a straps the Graveyard Hound teeth to some basic arrows, making (100) necrotic arrows that deal 3 ongoing necrotic damage. She also takes Ninaran’s Longbow of Fire.

The magic circle fades, and Davan realizes he’s been dancing in the blood of innocents. The remains of the enemies start to sink back into the earth as the adventurers hit level 3.
Ninaran is also wearing an elven cloak that belonged to Arielle, Kiera’s sister. Kiera takes it.
They also find a page of vellum on her body with instructions on how to summon the undead. It also includes the passcode to the 2nd floor of Shadowfell Keep and is signed Kalerel. The group goes back to the village, and is paid some cash and collects the amulet of Orkus.

Will the party be able to pass themselves off as goblins and gain access to the second floor? What strange new terrors await our adventurers as they venture further into the depths of the keep on the Shadowfell? Will there be repercussions for annihilating a general of Kalerel? Find out next week, on DragonCast! THUN-THUN-THUN!!!

Spider Jockey Rampage
Or, a pretty face only gets you so far.

Our heroes venture down the steps to the second level of Shadowfell Keep. They encounter a glowing wall. Dire walks forward, holding the amulet of Orcus in his hand and speaks the passphrase “And life fails in the dark.” The light fades away and the party continues down the stairs, which open into a large cavern. To the left is a small barracks, to the right is a hallway, and directly in front are two goblin soldiers standing in front of a pit. Behind them, there’s another guarded alcove through which a caged Deathjump spider can be seen.

The two guards come to attention and challenge the party by shouting “Shadow seeks Shadow!” The group freezes and looks a little guilty, unsure how to respond. Dire steps in and claims that the group has news from Ninaran, and that they seek an audience with Kalerel. The goblin says “What… is your name?” Dire replies “Dire.” “What…is your favorite colour?” “Green”

“No but seriously, if you need an audience go ahead.” “Thanks! Um, could you tell us the way?” “Haha, you’re joking right?” “Uh yeah…haha”

Kiera wants to release the spider from its cage, but the guard clears his throat and says “Kalerel isn’t that way. Just joking around some more?” The adventurers start to go down the hall to the right when the guard yells “HALT! Why are you wearing symbols of Bahamut?” Dire bluffs that they picked them up from some fallen heroes as trophies.
The guard seems convinced and the crew keeps walking. They come upon a corridor to the south and a door to the north. They open the north door and a trigger happy goblin archer screams “Intruders!” and ducks out of sight. Two goblin soldiers emerge from a door and one of them scores a critical hit on Dire. Dire strikes back, and Sir Blandington challenges the one next to him. They effectively block the north corridor, so Thun- Thun runs DENNIS and hits a goblin soldier, killing a goblin grunt minion with his off-handed weapon.
Davan Ogrescrush runs to help Thun-Thun and trips. Kiera takes a shot at the soldier in front of Blandington, but the arrow goes wide.

Zanvard heals Dire and uses sacred flame on the goblin soldier in front of Dire. Blandington takes a hit from both soldiers. Davan parries a blow while prone, knocking the soldier’s blade into his ally. Blandington uses a daily to sanction the soldiers. The goblin archer that sounded the alarm tries to shoot Blandington but hits a goblin soldier instead.

One of the guards opens the cage and releases the spider, using some sort of glowing rod to keep it under control. Kiera gets a shot off at the goblin archer and does some necrotic + fire damage. Davan crits on a goblin soldier. He ded. Zanvard uses Astral Seal on the soldier in front of Blandington and gives the party an accuracy bonus. Dire gets his soldier with a spell and Blandington kills it. The archer saves against the necrotic damage but hits the WarCaster in the back of the head with a shaft.

Thun-Thun crushes a soldier but he staggers back up. The Deathjump spider jumps closer. Kiera pirouettes through the melee, shooting a soldier in the head, then spinning and releasing a flaming arrow at the spider. It hisses in pain and rage, and the handler looks furious. Davan hits his soldier with his hammer, and Zanvard uses Sacred Flame against the one remaining near Blandington. One of the soldiers knocks Davan prone again. Dire crit fails and hits the wall, revealing some crispy wall meat. Blandington gets bloodied by the archer. Thun-Thun hits a goblin soldier and then uses an action point to get another swipe, killing it and cleaving into his buddy.

Kiera uses her daily to deal 19 fire damage and ongoing necrotic to the Deathjump spider and its handler. Davan stands up and tries to cleave, but misses. He uses his action point to bloody his target. Zanvard uses Hymn of Resurgence, giving temporary HP and also does damage to some gobos. He uses his action point to attack with sacred flame, doing even more DPS.

The spider handler points his glowing stick at Kiera, and the spider leaps into the air and tries to bite her. She twists like a wisp in the wind and it misses. The handler marches forward and jabs her, trying to knock her to the floor. She gets cut, but keeps her feet and dances nimbly back behind Thun-Thun and Davan. Dire kills the soldier that has been threatening Blandington, leaving just the goblin archer and the war mage in the north room. Thun-Thun unleashes his Dragon’s Breath, killing an minion and hitting a goblin soldier. Then he tries to hit the soldier with his axes, but misses twice. The spider jumps and bites at Thun-Thun, but his armor is too thick. A minion hits Thun-Thun and another hits Davan. Kiera twin strikes the handler, making him drop the controlling implement into the well. The handler gets a terrified look on his face and starts to run away.

Zanvard tries to use Bane on the spider. (“You will be Baned, and then there will be cake.”) But it misses. Thun-Thun uses his daily on the spider, killing it. Blandington asks him to save the head so he can add it to his shield.
Kiera kills one of the remaining soldiers with some poison arrows. The last soldier tries to bullrush Davan, but being a dwarf it doesn’t work on him. Blandington uses Virtuous Strike on the War Mage, killing him. Kiera kills the goblin handler who tried to run, shooting him full of arrows in the small of his back. Zanvard destroys a minion. Dire hits the archer for a ton of damage, but it’s still standing. Blandington charges at it, killing it. The room is clear, so he goes to retrieve the spider head. Thun-Thun hits the last soldier, but he doesn’t quite die. Blandington tries to charge around the corner, jabbing his shield into the wall to help him change trajectory. He makes the turn and gets behind the soldier, but then falls prone as he skids to a stop. Thun-Thun kills the soldier and Davan picks up a Vicious Warhammer.

Will our heroes be able to get past the rest of the garrison force? Where could Kalerel be lurking? Does he know of the PCs presence? Find out next week, on DragonCast! THUN-THUN-THUN!!!


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