Adventures of the Fellowship of the University of Adventuring School of Technology College

Alchemy is overrated

Or, Kiera really doesn't know how to flirt

Moon Moon, Thun-Thun, Dire, Sir Blandington, Zanvard Goldbludeon, and Kiera Nightlock were walking down the King’s Road looking for their lost school teacher, Douven Stahl when a pack of kobold brigands came upon them from the rocks lining the pathway. The members of the University of Adventuring Technology put up a good fight and managed to take down the pack of kobolds. They looted some javelins from the bodies, and marched onward to the town of Winterhaven. After Dire made contact with Ellion the Old, he told the group that their teacher had been interested in investigating an old dragon burial site to the southwest of town. The group went to a bar named Wraften’s Inn and started up a conversation with an eccentric old man (Valthrun the Prescient) who claimed to be an alchemist. He agreed to try to turn their javelins into gold, but made a hot mess instead. Because he felt so bad, he let the group spend the night in his tower. Before heading to bed, the group went back to Wraften’s Inn and spoke with the mayor, Lord Padraig. Moon Moon wasn’t very impressed by his snooty personality and took it upon himself to cut his coinpurse, making off with 15 gp. Zanvard commissioned a warhammer from the local smithy, and Kiera attempted to flirt with the barmaid, who turned out to be Salvana Wrafton, the owner of the establishment. It went poorly. The group went to bed, Kiera hanging from the ceiling in a hammock since the old alchemist sleepwalks.

What are these strange tales of dragons? Is there a dastardly plot afoot? Who is the enemy behind the attack on the road, and what will he do next?

Find out next week, when the group encounters a strange new party member! Thun Thun THUN!



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