Adventures of the Fellowship of the University of Adventuring School of Technology College

Mirror, Mirror

Or Never Give a Rogue a Dagger

Since the last update was in May. Currently the group is in The Well of Demons and is working towards the objective of getting 4 special items, a dagger, a book, a mask and a bell. They currently possess two of these, the book, and the dagger. Unfortunately the dagger can only be used by a minotaur without hurting any other members of the party. The group’s minotaur, however, is not competent with daggers, so the rogue, Ulmo is holding on to it currently. Now that we have caught up, lets join our so-called heroes.

The group, after having just received the dagger, keep wandering the halls of The Well of Demons, as they are walking through the hall they come to a curtain, blocking their vision of the rest of the area. Aelar, being one of the more intelligent members of the group is cautious to walk through it blindly and decides that he can telekinetically move the curtain to the side, allowing the group to see inside. Ulmo agrees to this and waits for Aelar to move the curtain. Of course, the rest of the group is not as patient, or as intelligent. So Derp, staying true to his namesake, charges through the curtain.

On the other side of the curtain he comes face to face with a mirror. The mirror then attacks him, and he gets teleported into a room with no way out with a gnoll, who appears to have also been trapped there for quite a while. Derp, not one for questioning what happens but seeing the gnoll, decides to charge and attack it.

The party does not hear from Derp after he runs through, Kiera being a little skeptical sends her cat through, the cat also gets attacked and teleported by the mirror. She calls out for her cat, but does not get a response. Kiera walks into the room and also gets attacked and teleported. It is Dire’s turn, Dire walks through the room and tries to do an arcana check, but the mirror attacks him before he has a chance to, and he also gets teleported.

The 3 of them, and Kiera’s cat are now left to deal with the gnoll. The gnoll is an easy battle for them, and soon it is sitting in the corner unable to fight anymore. The group tries to question him, Dire going up to the gnoll to intimidate it. Instead of intimidating it though, Dire’s voice cracks as he says “How do we-eee get out of here?” The gnoll, of course, is not intimidated, but he does seem rather amused. Derp seeing that people are yelling at the gnoll goes up to it and roars in his face, although he is unsure of why he is doing so. This, does successfully intimidate the gnoll. Although the group quickly realizes that it knows about as much as they do, which is nothing at all.

Kiera looks around the room, but all she can discern from it is that it is a room, and there is no way out. Dire does an arcana check and comes to the same conclusion as Kiera, the group is bored, too bored to even kill the gnoll that is lying almost dead in the corner.
Meanwhile, Aelar is finally able to move the curtain aside, allowing Ulmo and himself to look into the room. There is something definitely strange about this room, as it is full of mirrors, but there is no trace of the rest of their party. He and Ulmo decide to try destroying the mirror closest to them in order to make the room itself safer to step into.


Ulmo picks up a nearby brick to throw at the mirror nearest. However being a small Halfling that isn’t all that strong, he misses rather miserably. Aelar can’t be too angry with him, as he was the only one that had listened at the start of this mess. Aelar then places a force shard next to the mirror and explodes it immediately. This, surprisingly, does not shatter the mirror. Ulmo once again, throws a brick at the mirror and it shatters.

The mirror now being broken, Aelar steps into the room in the corner furthest away from the rest of the mirrors. Being in the room he’s able to better observe the magic that is in the room.

“As long as we don’t look at the mirrors, we are safe. Some of them do different things. The one we just shattered is a teleportation mirror. I think we can walk through the room as long as we don’t look directly at them,” He says to Ulmo.

“We can grab some pieces of the broken mirror and walk through the room, like Hermione in the Chamber of Secrets” Ulmo says

Aelar looks at him rather oddly as he has never heard of any Hermione in this universe, or a chamber of secrets, but he agrees to Ulmo’s plan.

They being walking through the room of mirrors. Ulmo eventually turns the corner, and is attacked by two skeletons. “Skeletons!” He shouts back out to Aelar. Both of the skeleton’s attack Ulmo. Aelar as he turns the corner, turns one of the skeletons to look into a teleportation mirror, as he currently does not want to deal with two skeletons.
This skeleton is now teleported into the room with the rest of the party, and the still alive gnoll. The group isn’t really sure where the skeleton came from, but they are rather excited to have something to do. The group makes quick work of the skeleton that has suddenly joined them. Eventually the skeleton explodes, effectively killing the gnoll that is still in the corner. It dies quickly after that.

In the mirror room, Aelar and Ulmo are still fighting the skeleton. Ulmo, now being badly damaged, gets possessed, and throws a dagger at Aelar. “I am so sorry!” Ulmo says once he is no longer possessed. Aelar glares at him and pulls the dagger out of his stomach.
Ulmo no longer having his dagger now uses the minotaur dagger that he obtained. They kill the skeleton and move on. Aelar reluctantly gives Ulmo his dagger back after determining that he is no longer possessed and is not likely to attack him again.
Aelear moves open the next curtain, there are no mirrors behind this curtain. But there is a mask. They both walk up to it.

“Do you want to put this on?” Ulmo asks

“No, you almost killed me, you have at it.”

Ulmo shrugs and puts on the mask, and once again, attacks Aelar with a dagger. Aelar shouts “Take that thing off!” As he once again, pulls the dagger out. He looks around, try to see if there’s anything special about the area.

“There are some statues. Yep those are some statues. They are nice statues” He says to Ulmo.

Ulmo, kind of scared, does not question it, but he does see a handprint on one of the statues and places his hand there. The rest of the party falls back into the room.
Derp looks around, and the charges back into the mirrors, he takes damage from the first mirror he sees and the is teleported to a mirror back near the entrance. He runs into yet another mirror, taking more damage, and is teleported back into the room without an exit that he was just in. There is only a dead skeleton and gnoll in this room now. He contemplates eating the gnoll.

Ulmo no longer hearing a charging minotaur in the other room presses his hand on the statue once again and brings Derp back again.

“Derp, since you obviously do not care about the harm these mirrors do to you, can you see what the rest of them do?”

Derp charges back into the room and hits a wall. He goes through the rest of the mirrors. After the group determines that none of the mirrors do anything interesting they decide it’s time to leave. Most of them just walk out avoiding looking at the mirrors.
Derp once again charges into walls until he exits. Ulmo tries using the mirrors as a shortcut through the mirror, forgetting that they do damage.

The group takes some time to heal, and the moves forward. Ulmo convinces that if Derp wears the mask he will look much more menacing.

The group walks into the next room. In this room there are pillars made of a bunch of dead bodies molded together. There is also a barlgura, something that Derp tried to 1v1 in the past when he didn’t have armor on. There are also some demons in this room.


The group prepares to fight. Everyone does damage, except for Aelar. Who is still standing in the doorway staying out of range of the flesh pillars.

Dire uses clarion call, Derp was unfortunately in the way of this and takes enough damage to become bloodied. Derp after being attacked by demons and the barlgura and some flesh pillars, is now barely staying conscious. Derp makes one final attack to all of the enemies surrounding him before falling unconscious.

Kiera and her cat both deal quite a bit of damage to the enemies in the room. Although the majority of them sort of brush it off, and the group is rather disappointed that they have yet to kill a single enemy. Dire becomes bloodied, and makes an attack on the demons, unfortunately it was a fire attack and the demons do have fire resist so this helps no one.
Dire quickly falls unconscious after this.

Aelar finally moves a little further into the room and attacks two of the demons. Feeling extremely aggravated that he has managed to do exactly no damage this entire battle, he kills both of the demons easily.

“I earned those kills,” he says, ignoring the protests from the rest of the party members that they have been doing all the fighting and the demons were pretty close to dead already. Aelar is not letting them bring him down.

Aelar, Jet the cat, Ulmo and Derp’s unconscious body are grabbed by arms coming out of the flesh pillars.

Kiera kills the last demon, and the entire group is relieved that they got out of this battle alive.

Aelar says he can telekinetically move people around and out of the way of the flesh pillars. Kiera does not approve of this plan. Aelar goes ahead and moves Derp anyway, not appreciating Kiera’s under appreciation of his abilities.

Kiera and Aelar are able to heal Derp and Dire. They decide that they are all too worn out to deal with the flesh pillars and can leave them alone as long as they stay out of range.
Kiera sends Jet to look around the room, the group finds the last artifact that they need, the bell. Kiera commands Jet to pick it up. Upon picking up the bell spikes come out of it, this is rather unfortunate as cats do not have thumbs and pick things up with their mouths.



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