Adventures of the Fellowship of the University of Adventuring School of Technology College

Malaria the Plague Chicken

Or, 'Let's go shank a mage'

After the grueling random encounter with the slavers, the group heads back to Winterhaven and takes another well deserved rest. As they prepare to head out again in the morning, they see a half-elf waiting for them in the town square.

Introducing himself as Aelar the Psion, he offers to guide the party to the Bloodreaver headquarters. After consulting with each other, the PCs decide to trust Aelar and start their journey. They march on the kingsroad all day, but don’t run into any more slavers. They band they destroyed yesterday must have served as a good warning.

As they approach Thunderspire, Aelar explains that the community inside the caverns of the mountain range is run by a group of mages. The group finally reaches the base of the mountain and follows a wide tunnel into a cavernous opening. They have arrived at the 7 Pillared Hall. There are all sorts of tunnels leading off it, and Kiera hears the sound of a halfling being accosted down one of them. She sneaks up to the door and hears some Bloodreaver slavers. “Look at the muscle on this one, he should fetch at least 10 gold!” “Well if that’s all you’re looking for, I’d be happy to buy myself off you.”

While the slavers are distracted, the party bursts into the room, firing arrows and loosing magic everywhere. Meriele traps some goblins in the corner using Grasping Tide. Kiera hits their caster in the calf with a slap shot. Aelar steps into the fray and brings the hammer down. Using his force hammer, he crushes two goblins, leaving them twitching and moaning on the floor. Blandington and Zanvard charge in, keeping all the minions occupied.

While the enemies are pinned down, Meriele sneaks behind the combatants and unties the halfling. He’s about to say thank you when Meriele turns into his beast form, a chicken, and breathes out a swarm of locusts. The words of gratitude fading on his tongue, he screams and ducks under a table.

Aelar places a Force Shard in the midst of the goblin forces and bursts it, releasing a blast of psionic energy into the midst of their ranks. Kiera concentrates carefully and looses an arrow that splits into two mid flight, killing the war caster and a minion. Two goblins gang up on Zanvard and try to hit him with their flails, but one of them misses and hits his buddy. Zanvard takes advantage of the situation and smashes him with Solenoid Hammer. Aelar hits the remaining goblins with his Force Hammer and Blandington finishes them off.

Zanvard walks over to the halfling while Meriele changes back to human form. After recovering from his fright, he thanks the party for rescuing him and introduces himself as Rendil Halfmoon. He invites the adventurers to his aunt’s inn, the Halfmoon. Pleased to have sleeping arrangements taken care of after such a long march, the PCs find themselves enjoying a nice pint in the dining room of the inn.

Suddenly the door bangs open and conversations stop. A huge ogre marches up to the heroes and says “I hear you all think you’re hot stuff around here. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do whatever you want. The mages of Saruun run things around here. Make trouble, and you won’t like what we do to you.” He snorts and glares, then turns and leaves, dragging his huge club behind him.

“Who was that?” says Meriele. Aelar says “That was Bruug, the enforcer for the mage society of Thunderspire. They generally leave people alone, as long as we don’t make trouble it should be fine.” Kiera, thinking back on the groups’ track record with ‘not making trouble’, shudders slightly as the adventurers head to their rooms.

Will our heroes be able to find the Chamber of the Eyes, the headquarters of the Bloodreavers? Will Aelar the Psion know the way through the treacherous labyrinth? Will Blandington be able to stand aside and let the mage-run government continue to oppress the people of Thunderspire? Find out next week, on DragonCast. THUN-THUN-THUN!!!



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